Life Under the Sea is Also Either Up or Down


"Jellyfishies" are the coolest under water creatures I know. They're like spirits of the sea.
More of the pictures I've taken of them later...

India in Bora


These pictures were taken still at Tirta. The owner's collection of Indian relics and what-nots surrounded by warm ambient lighting will definitely remind you of India.

Tirta Spa


Tirta is not just a spa, it's also a nice place to take pictures... which we did after our massage.

A Quaint Bookstore Along Station 2 (or 3?)


I came across a quaint bookshop during my last stay at Boracay. Tucked in one of the many alleys that line the shore of Boracay, the bookstore is a bit difficult to find (it's like looking for Real Coffee: you know where it is but you always miss it when you want to go there). Who would've thought you could find something like this in a vacation destination where all you plan to do is bum and drink?

I found the store interesting because they have books from different countries: Spain, Germany, and I'm pretty sure I saw some from Poland or Netherlands but there's no way I can confirm from just reading the titles (it's unfortunate of me that I don't know any language but English and Filipino). They also trade books. I didn't know how it works but the nice lady manning the stall said each book you trade entitles you to a certain amount that you can use to buy another book. Cool!

Their selection ranges from the classics to very interesting novels you can confuse as a pocket book.

Lemon Cafe

The first and only time I've eaten at Lemon Cafe was the last time I was at Boracay. I've been wanting to go there but there were just a lot of things to do and places to eat (many that you'd like to try out again) that it got further down the my list of to dos.

I've been hearing a lot about the restaurant before I got there and the news I heard was not far from the truth (or my experience, at least).

I forgot what I had but it was roasted chicken (or was it grilled... It's lost in my head somewhere. it was more than two months ago and I'm excused). I loved every bit of it; the veggies, the chicken, the sauce, everything! It was probably the best thing I ordered during my stay there that time. It's not that the other restaurants don't compare to Lemon Cafe, I just "poor judgement" that I keep ordering mediocre dishes. I also had their mojito to compliment my food, and my drink in an attempt to get a good tipsy ordeal early that afternoon, but to no avail (I wanted to stay sober while I have my massage which was scheduled later that night).
The perfectly seared tuna your seeing was my friend's order and I actually loved it better than mine. :)

The dishes were light but somehow filling. Weird but it really was that way. We had their must try mango dessert. It was really good though I preferred the mango very ripe and sweet.



I had this at Vieux Chalet and it was interesting not because they grow it from their garden, but because of how it was served. I haven't had tea served out of a bag. It was a little crazy, especially when I feel the bits touch my lip. It's kinda like having a mojito and avoiding the mint that gets in the way.

FYI, the tea was chamomile (not sure if I spelled it correctly but I'm too lazy to google it).

Angels at St. Thomas


This is a photo taken during the christening of my newest ina-anak, Jake. I don't like the yellow much but there...

Gloomy Sunday Morning


I like this photo even if it looks boring . I was randomly playing with my cam and I remember feeling a little bored after eating sardines for breakfast at a resort. And yes, our resort serves sardines for breakfast but with a twist. It was not bad at all... maybe because I love sardines.

Anyway, it was gloomy that morning as it was the Sunday after Ondoy, and the island was not unscathed by its wrath. The sun was hiding from the gray clouds and the wind was blowing hard. But of course, no typhoon would stop me from taking pictures.

The picture is a little abstract but guess what it is. ;)

Green Is Life


The Dragonfly

Where is the dragonfly?